Reel Women Film Series

The idea for the Reel Women film series was created by a group of 40 women veterans from Southwest PA, who make up Veterans Leadership Program's Women Veterans Design Team (WVDT). Led by Navy Veteran and VLP's Women Veterans Program Coordinator, Patti Gerhauser; the WVDT participated in a series of human-centered design activities in early 2019, to help brainstorm programs and events that would fill a gap and/or meet a need for the women veterans community. Many of the overarching themes that came out of these design activities included: women's empowerment; advocacy and storytelling opportunities for women veterans to share their unique experiences in the military and as veterans; and, creating opportunities for women veterans to not only connect with one another, but also with civilians in the communities where they live and work. The Reel Women film series will showcase films about women, written by women, produced by women and/or directed by women. Following each film, there will be a facilitated discussion about the film, with a focus on gender roles, the media's role in how gender is constructed and performed, and how these themes relate to the experiences of women veterans, both in the military and as veterans in the civilian world. These events are FREE and open to the public.


Times: 6:00 pm

Dates and Locations:

October 16: Lioness 

January 8: Wonder Woman 

March 11: Title To Be announced