Department Responsibilities

The Murrysville Department of Engineering shall be responsible for engineering services to the Municipality.

The Department of Engineering is headed by the director of engineering Scott E. Hilty, P.E. who is a registered engineer licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, who shall be responsible to the Chief Administrator for the performance of the function of the department.  

The Engineering Department's responsibilities include:

  • Prepare plans, specifications and estimates for the construction, remodeling or maintenance of municipal structures and facilities.
  • Plan, develop and design, in conjunction with other municipal departments and commissions, parks and recreational facilities owned or acquired by the Municipality.
  • Provide project management for construction projects undertaken by the Municipality.
  • Review new subdivision plans for compliance with roadway construction, stormwater management and erosion control standards.
  • Issue road occupancy permits and maintain Pennsylvania One Call Records.
  • Supervise the engineering of construction projects undertaken by the Municipality. 
  • Advise all departments that require engineering services.